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Overview Overview

Probate Recovery Systems has been helping health systems nationally provide a compliant system to recover the estate assets of a deceased patient to increase revenue while limiting any type of public relations issues.

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The Challenge

  • Public relations issues are abundant
  • The probate court system is complex
  • Regular searches are not conducted
  • Claims filing is non-existent or sporadic
  • Lack of expertise or resources
  • Insurance is still outstanding on an account, yet probate is open

The Risk The Risk

CMS audits are increasing and jeopardizing reimbursement dollars due to non-compliance with probate and estate recovery procedures. Without proven processes and procedures, healthcare providers risk losing millions in reimbursement. Protection of these dollars through effective compliance is critical.

How do we do it?

Claims Finder

Claims Finder is a robust product that provides an all-encompassing probate claim support process and protects you from a surprise audit by ensuring that all deceased patients, no matter where they passed, receive national estate searches.

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